‘I’ll Give Him a Few Other Chances’: GOP Rep. on Whether It’s Time for Paul Ryan to Go as Speaker

In the wake of the postponement of tonight’s scheduled House vote on the American Health Care Act due to Republicans’ inability to have enough votes to pass it, one of the GOP reps who’s solidly stayed on the ‘No’ side appeared on CNN to discuss what’s to come.

Speaking to anchor Wolf Blitzer, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) seemed to indicate this wasn’t President Donald Trump‘s fault in terms of whipping up support, but instead it was GOP leadership listening to special interests.

“Maybe you’re referring to the speaker?” Blitzer asked, pointing to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

“I’ll blame our leadership here in the House,” the Kentucky lawmaker responded. “They have papered over these differences for weeks.”

Blitzer, in an attempt to make Massie specifically name Ryan, said it sounded like Massie was talking about the speaker and wanted to know if he felt Ryan had to go if this bill collapses.

“I’ll give him a few other chances,” Massie noted. “If this thing collapses tonight it will be a big win for Republicans. If it passes and becomes law it’s going to be horrible.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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