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Iran’s Rouhani Tweets: World Powers ‘Surrendered’ to Iran on Nuclear Deal

In what one tweeter called quite the “supervillainy” tweet, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tweeted Tuesday morning that the world had “surrendered” to Iran in the recent negotiations in Geneva to ease sanctions in exchange for the elimination of enriched uranium and a freeze in development of new centrifuges:

The very precarious interim deal, meant to give the parties involved breathing room to negotiate a more comprehensive plan to wind down Iran’s nuclear program, was struck by Secretary of State John Kerry and the P5+1 nations last November, and the January date to begin the destruction of nuclear material was finalized this weekend.

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The tweet comes at an awkward time domestically, as a number of U.S. senators are pushing a bill to tighten sanctions on Iran, which, if passed, could quash the interim deal. Rouhani’s tweet is almost certain to add fuel to that fire. However, as the Associated Press noted, the moderate Rouhani must appease a hardliner base in Iran as suspicious of Western powers as the West is of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Still, as Jeffrey Goldberg put it:

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