Irate Stephen A. Smith Says ‘Millions…More Worthy’ of MLB Shot Than Tim Tebow

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On Tuesday we shared an ESPN Report about Tim Tebow‘s desire to play Major League Baseball.

Friday on First Take, Stephen A. Smith sounded off about it, and was none too pleased.

“(Tebow) has done nothing to deserve this opportunity,” Smith said. He added, “There are millions of people out there who are better and more worthy and will never get re because they ain’t popular.”

Smith added the following:

There are a plethora of individuals…pounding the pavement…grinding…starving for one opportunity to be recognized. But Tim Tebow, because he is loved, we appreciate how he invokes God and Jesus Christ with practically everything he says and how he is the walking embodiment of decency because that’s who we like as a person, we are going to sit there and elevate his stature and cache in the public forum where he gets to get recognized for things he doesn’t deserve to get recognized for.

Watch the full video above, via ESPN2, for more.

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