Anderson Cooper to Colbert: ‘I’ve Actually Muted the President on Twitter’

Anderson Cooper took the stage last night as a guest of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he made the surprising admission that he personally no longer has interest in President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

“I’ve actually muted the president on Twitter,” he said to laughter. “Don’t tell him.”

“You just said that you mute the President of the United States,” said Colbert in semi-disbelief.

“I just don’t want to have that drama in my life,” replied Cooper — maybe half jokingly. “I just want to be calm.”

Cooper then weighed in more forcefully, saying that constant tweet reporting has become a “large distraction,” but that it was a legitimately fascinating view into the president’s state of mine.

“This is like a real-time seismograph of the inner workings of the president’s head,” said Cooper. “He’s like a live wire of emotion. We had to wait for decades to hear Nixon on tapes, we hear Donald Trump in real time.”

In the past, Trump has targeted Cooper and CNN, routinely disparaging the network as “fake news” on Twitter and elsewhere.

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