Joe Scarborough Opens Show With Shots at Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter


Joe Scarborough opened up Morning Joe on Friday with healthy dose of schadenfreude over the MAGAsphere meltdown yesterday in response to Donald Trump’s alleged DACA deal with Democrats.

He aimed his fire directly at his Fox News nemesis Sean Hannity and also led a round of laughter at Ann Coulter.

“There were actually people who were shocked yesterday that Donald Trump didn’t do exactly what he told them he would do during the campaign,” said JScar. “People like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter and Breitbart but to hear them talk it sounded an awful lot like, it sounded like members of the mainstream media.”

The MAINSTREAM MEDIA — truly the deepest cut.

Indeed, both Hannity and Coulter went on very public tweetstorms yesterday lamenting Trump’s newfound love for DREAMers and “Chuck and Nancy.”

“He’s doing what. He cannot do this. This is a shock. This is the most shocking thing I have ever seen in my life,” said Scarborough in a faux imitation of the MSM hysterics which could very well have been his own show circa 2015.

“What Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Breitbart, everybody else is going to learn is what the flummoxed mainstream media learned and what people on the right and left learned and what Jeb Bush learned” said Scarborough “Donald Trump’s base is not Ann Coulter’s base, it is not Sean Hannity’s base, it is not Steve King’s base.”

The argument — which is probably a sound one — follows Trump’s own line of thinking that if he can shoot someone on fifth avenue and get away with it, he could probably cut a deal on DACA … Coulter or no Coulter.

Mediaite alum Noah Rothman then took the stage to say how impressed he was with Coulter for sticking to her convictions and not following Trump’s base into hell.

“I’ve actually been pretty impressed by Ann Coulter, who wrote a book about how we should trust Donald Trump. It’s literally In “Trump We Trust. E Pluribus Awesome,” said Rothman “She is beside herself and more power to her.”

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