John Podhoretz Apologizes for Joke About Bombing Journalism Schools: ‘I Regret My Attacks’

Commentary editor John Podhoretz is apologizing for a tweet in which he said that journalism schools ought to be “neutron bombed.”

Podhoretz deactivated his Twitter account on Wednesday amid blowback for his comment — which was made in response to the news that ex-New Yorker fact-checker Talia Lavin and ex-Teen Vogue contributor Lauren Duca have been hired to teach at New York University Journalism School.

On Commentary’s website Thursday, Podhoretz posted a statement saying his tweet was “aggressive and rude,” that he regrets his comments, and that he holds no desire to see journalists come to any harm.

“I regret my attacks on Lauren Duca and Talia Lavin, which were unprovoked and therefore entirely unseemly. I wholeheartedly apologize to them,” Podhoretz said. He added, “Let me assure anyone who might have believed otherwise from my tweet that I love my profession and I do not wish to see any fellow journalists come to harm.”

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