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Jon Stewart On The Mosque: Who Knew The First Amendment Had The Same Slogan As Century 21?

I think I’ve noted this before, but remember when President Obama was elected and people were worried Jon Stewart would have nothing left to make fun of? Ha. One has to wonder if he now doesn’t spend his weekends wondering if he should launch a Saturday edition.

Last night Stewart jumped into the Lower Manhattan mosque fray — or Mosquerade, as he dubbed it — and no one was spared, starting with Obama and ending with Glenn Beck.

“Usually when Obama says ‘let me be clear’ [as he did in his mosque remarks Friday] he’s usually about to get into some very unclear sh*t…usually he would say ‘let me be clear, there’s no way I would not unsupport the kind of project this isn’t.”

Cut to Saturday’s remarks: “It kind of reminds me of his campaign slogan: “Yes we can, but should we.”

Stewart also slammed just about every news organization for focusing on the politics of this situation and not whether it was constitutional, and had some especially tough moments for Glenn Beck. Earlier this month Beck described the man in charge of the Cordoba House project as radical for some of his post-9/11 statement…turns out Beck said very much the same thing earlier this year!

Says Stewart: That’s what so exciting about Glenn Beck University, what begins as Spanish class could just as easily finish as a Mexican border shop project.” Watch below.

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