Journalist Died From Overwork After Clocking 150+ Overtime Hours in One Month

A 31-year-old journalist died in Japan after clocking 159 overtime hours during a month in which she took only two days off.

The reporter, Miwa Sado, worked for the nation’s public broadcasting station NHK prior to her death from heart failure in 2013. While she may have passed over four years ago, info about the problematic labor circumstances that led to her death was only made public information this week.

Japanese labour inspectors believe Japan’s intense work culture contributed to Sado’s death and others like her, as arduous work hours are a staple of the nation’s corporate life. A shocking study put out by Japan’s government in 2016 revealed that one out of every five employees in the country could potentially die from excessive labor.

With so many at-risk workers in Japan, it should come as no surprise that deaths like Sado’s are fairly common. Two years ago, an employee for an advertising agency committed suicide after working over 100 hours of overtime in the month before her death — officials believe this strenuous schedule caused her to commit suicide. The woman, Matsuri Takahashi, worked for nation’s largest advertising agency and her death resulted in the head of the company to step down.

According to the Guardian, over 2,000 Japanese are led to commit suicide over work-induced stress and many others die from working too much. Due to this, activists in Japan have continually called for new labor laws better regulating working hours in the hopes of ending deaths like Sado’s.

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