Kelly Grills Jeb: Is It a Double Standard to Defend George W. as You Attack Hillary on Benghazi?


Megyn Kelly interviewed Jeb Bush on her show last night, and she did not let him off the hook for his defense of George W. Bush against Donald Trump‘s assertions that he bears part of the blame for 9/11.

Over the past week, Bush has been feuding with Trump again ever since the latter said that the former president did not keep America safe, considering that the terror attack occurred under his brother’s administration.

During his appearance on The Kelly File, the host brought up recent questions Bush has faced on how he can rip Hillary Clinton‘s conduct on the Benghazi attack, and say its unfair that his brother is facing similar call-outs for his pre-attack failings.

When asked if this was a double standard, Bush said that “if there was evidence that there was an attack that was pending and no one acted, of course there would have been criticism, but that’s not the case.”

Kelly continued to push by bringing up Trump’s point about the government receiving warnings of potential actions before the event, to which Bush doubled-down and said Trump “doesn’t know what he’s talking about” and that Benghazi was a completely different case.

“Did we let our safeguards down? Sure, we did… But in the case of Benghazi, there were clear signs that this consulate was at risk.” Bush said. “[Clinton] is not accepting responsibility. Leading from behind was not the best way to deal with this problem and the security problems that exist, created a tragedy for American lives lost.”

You can watch the interview above, via Fox.

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