Lena Dunham Tweets Invitation To Eat The Dopest Of Sh*t To Combat The Tea Party

Lena Dunham, the woman behind HBO’s series Girls, recently let her Twitter followers in on a series of dinner parties hosted by an organization called Downtown 4 Democracy, which hopes to raise money towards defeating several incumbent members of the Tea Party. According to her Tweet, the dinners involve the preparation and consumption of “dope shit,” which I assume involves kombucha somehow:

As The New York Observer Politicker blog explains, the dinners are hosted by a group called Downtown for Democracy:

The dinners are hosted by hosted by a group called Downtown For Democracy and Ms. Dunham’s real-life best friend, Audrey Gelman (who uses the handle @grumplstilskin on Twitter and works as press secretary for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer) is a member of the Downtown For Democracy Board.

Downtown 4 Democracy describes itself as “an alliance of professionals in the arts and creative media who share a deep commitment to progressive ideals.”

“As crafters of culture,” they explain, “we believe we have a unique opportunity to mobilize the creative community and transform its cultural capital into political power.”

h/t Politicker

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