Liberal Host Cenk Uygur Says Dems May ‘Anoint Joe Biden If Hillary Is Indicted’


With Bernie Sanders‘ path to the Democratic nomination shrinking like the line at a Cruz/Fiorina t-shirt stand, reality is beginning to set in for some prominent Sanders supporters, but even those clinging to hope that the FBI will swoop in to rescue Bernie by indicting Hillary Clinton (which they won’t) now have reason to feel even more despondent. According to Cenk Uygur, founder of pioneering internet news show The Young Turks, Washington is abuzz with rumors that if Hillary were unable to run, Vice President Joe Biden would get the nod instead:

Now, knowing the DC media, he’s probably right, this is just the sort of thing they like to talk about around the clubhouse, and since I haven’t been around to talk sense into them, you can bet that Cenk really did hear a lot of people talking about this. That’s all it is, though, a lot of talk. Reporters will entertain any notion that makes for a good story, no matter how much they know better. Everybody knows that as soon as this story began, the Obama administration would have Red Teamed this to within an inch of its life, and if there were any danger of an indictment at all, Biden would not have dropped out.

Having said that, Cenk does reveal an excellent mechanism for canarying the Hillary indictment coal mine. If it gets to be late June or early July, and you hear that someone has put a Biden/Trump poll in the field, then you can start to worry.

It’s also worth mentioning that Cenk has consistently made an effort to keep up with the facts, now calling an indictment extremely unlikely, and revising his estimate of the number of FBI agents working on the “investigation” down to twelve. You might not like Uygur’s opinion, but at least facts matter to him.

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