Limbaugh Pans ‘Dear Leader’ Michelle Obama’s Oscars Cameo, Compares To Apple’s ‘1984’ Ad

Rush Limbaugh tuned into the Oscars last night — and, like the rest of us, was surprised to see First Lady Michelle Obama partaking in the festivities. Pointing to behind-the-scenes power grabs, Limbaugh made his case for the real reason she was at the show.

The Oscars “had to throw her a crumb,” Limbaugh asserted, because the Obamas got snubbed. The “campaign ad” Zero Dark Thirty didn’t win, nor did “his semi-autobiography” Lincoln (“it’s about Obama, everybody knows that”).

And so they turned to Obama. It’s all about optics, Limbaugh said, and speaking of: Did you see how how giant the screen was? She was the “dear leader” of a “totalitarian state,” he remarked, comparing it to Apple’s famous 1984 commercial.

Adding that some say it was “the opening salvo” of a presidential bid, that’s not it, he added. In this case, here’s the deal: “A private, behind-the-scenes battle between Harvey Weinstein and Steven Spielberg.” Weinstein, who helped arrange the first lady’s appearance, “wanted to show everybody that he’s bigger and more powerful than Spielberg,” after Spielberg got Bill Clinton at the Golden Globes.

Obama’s appearance “was out of place,” unnecessary, and “unneeded,” he concluded, asking: Can these people wear out their welcome?

Listen below:

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