Limbaugh Warns Audience To Consider Future Racially Divisive Stories ‘Manufactured And Made Up’


Rush Limbaugh is ready to declare the controversy surrounding the shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin entirely contrived. On Thursday, he warned his radio audience to be cautious of future stories with a racial component as they are likely to be “manufactured and made up for the advancement of a political agenda.”

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“In one sense, the Reverends [Al] Sharpton and [Jesse] Jackson have failed. They have not been able to make this case into what they wanted it to be—and they gave it everything they had,” said Limbaugh. He went on to recount the 2006 case which ignited a national controversy when four Duke University Lacrosse players were falsely accused of raping a young, African American stripper.

Limbaugh warned his audience that the next time a racially-tinged story like the Trayvon Martin case or the Duke Lacrosse case erupts onto the national stage that “you have got to doubt it.” Limbaugh continued “you have got to consider it is manufactured and made up for the advancement of a political agenda.”

“Can you imagine how this case would be different if George Zimmerman were simply called Jorge Zimmerman,” asked Limbaugh. “If he had kept – I think his monther’s mainden name is Hispanic – if he hadn’t taken his father’s name. If he were Jorge Gutierez can you imagine what a different story we’d have? The left wouldn’t care.”

The only way they can make this a story is to make this guy out to be white. And the New York Times did,” said Rush referring to the Times’ early coverage of the Trayvon Martin killing when he was referred to as a “white Hispanic.”

Limbaugh played clips from the now famous interview with George Zimmerman’s father when he decried the amount of “hate” directed at his son coming from organizations like the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus.

“He’s right,” said Limbaugh after playing a clip from the interview. “There is a national hate that has been ginned up. And he thinks that the president has participated in it by virtue of what he said.”

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