Mediaite Office Hours, Featuring Ali Velshi, Garrett Graff And More

mediaitelogoIt’s time for another edition of Mediaite Office Hours, likely the final one from our conference room set. We lined up a great show: guests include CNN correspondent Ali Velshi (live from Missouri) and Garrett Graff of Washingtonian. And of course…you!

Do you have a question, comment or complaint about anything concerning Mediaite? Well if you do, today is a real chance to make your voice heard. We will be holding our 4th “Mediaite Office Hours” at 4pmET.

Velshi is currently on the road, reporting today from Missouri, talking to citizens about the economy while crisscrossing the country in the CNN Express. It was announced yesterday that Graff will be taking over as Editor of Washingtonian next month.

Glynnis MacNicol, Steve Krakauer and Rachel Sklar host the live-streamed call-in show, and others in the Mediaite team, like, Colby Hall and our fantastic interns, will appear periodically, as well as special guests.

You can call in to (347) 637-1713 at any time.

Here’s how to check out the show:

– Watch us live here on this page at 4pmET, or check it out at

– You can listen to it in audio form live at

As for the schedule, you’ll hear Velshi in the first half hour and Graff in the 2nd half hour.

See you at 4pm!

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