Meghan McCain Reacts to Spicer Getting Heckled in Brooklyn: ‘Republicans are Not Welcome’ in NYC

Earlier, we posted about former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer getting brutally heckled at a book signing in Brooklyn on Wednesday night.

The View discussed the incident on Thursday morning. And Meghan McCain who, like Spicer, is a conservative, questioned why Spicer would come to the Big Apple in the first place.

“Who is doing [Spicer’s’ media?” McCain said “I wouldn’t do a book signing in New York City. I’d probably be kicked out of the bookstore.

McCain went on to state her belief that conservatives are persona non grata in the Big Apple at the moment.

“Republicans are not welcome here right now,” McCain said. “In a lot of different ways. What did you expect’s going to happen [to a conservative at a New York City book signing]?”

McCain added, “I think there’s lot of anti-Trump sentiment and people will get heckled here. If you’re fine being heckled, great. It makes me uncomfortable.”

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