Meghan McCain: Sanders Relates to Millennials Because of How ‘Selfish’ He Is

McCainOn The Five Tuesday afternoon, co-host Meghan McCain speculated that Sen. Bernie Sanders refused to quit the Democratic primary even after he was all but mathematically eliminated from the nomination because he was “selfish.”

“I think he wants to burn this thing to the ground metaphorically,” McCain said. “I think he wants to turn the Democratic party into the Socialist party.”

Despite the fact that the AP reported that Hillary Clinton had clinched the nomination on Monday, Sanders has renewed his pledge to carry the fight all the way to the Democratic National Convention, which will take place at the end of July. McCain speculated that the convention would be far uglier and crazier than the Republican’s.

She continued, “I think Bernie Sanders is incredibly selfish. I have never been inspired by this man. I continue to not be inspired by this man. And maybe he’s relating to Millennials because of how selfish and ridiculous he is.”

She added that so many of Sanders supporters were convinced that the nomination had been stolen by some vast conspiracy. “So many of them aren’t rational,” she said.

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