Meghan McCain Scolds Rep. Liz Cheney Over Torture Program: ‘My Dad Doesn’t Need a Lesson’


Meghan McCain scolded Rep. Liz Cheney, daughter of trigger-happy former VP Dick Cheney, for a tweet from the congresswoman in which she lectured Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) over the United States’s discontinued “enhanced interrogation” program.

The Arizona senator released a statement this week calling for President Donald Trump’s pick for next CIA Director, career agent Gina Haspel, to face scrutiny over her record overseeing the torture of detainees in Thailand.

“The torture of detainees in U.S. custody during the last decade was one of the darkest chapters in American history,” McCain said. “The Senate must do its job in scrutinizing the record & involvement of Gina Haspel in this disgraceful program.”

Liz Cheney, a congresswoman from Wyoming, chastised McCain for his tweet and statement, declaring that the “Enhanced Interrogation Program saved lives, prevented attacks, & produced intel that led to Osama bin Laden.”

“The techniques were the same as those used on our own people in the SERE program,” she added, before concluding: “No one should slander the brave men & women who carried out this crucial program.”

Cheney might feel a personal urge to defend the controversial and discontinued interrogation program (most people would call it a “torture program”), as her father has long been a champion of it.

As recently as 2014, Dick claimed the program — which was used extensively in his and Bush’s War on Terror — “absolutely worked,” and that he would “do it again in a minute.”

But there’s one thing John McCain has that Dick and Liz do not — actual experience being tortured. McCain was famously a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and was left permanently disabled from five years of torture.

That inspired this tweet from John’s daughter Meghan McCain in response to Cheney:

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