Melissa Francis: One of Donald Trump’s Most Effective Surrogates Has Been…Michael Moore?

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-1-37-17-pmMelissa Francis of Fox News dropped a very unlikely name during a discussion about effective campaign surrogates for Donald Trump.

On Friday’s edition of Outnumbered, Francis mentioned a prominent progressive as unintentionally being one of the best surrogates for the republican nominee.

“I also think one of the most effective surrogates this time around has been Michael Moore…for Donald Trump,” Francis said.

Michael Moore?

Yes, Michael Moore. Francis believes that Moore has been “talking about the forgotten person” in the Rust Belt that Trump has been actively courting. And as a result, according to Francis, he’s been unwittingly making Trump’s case.

(T)he person in Michigan who has played by the rules who is working so hard day after day not getting the handouts of the people who aren’t working. They’re not on the inside circle getting that access, that pass. And instead, he’s really said “You know, I understand the Trump voter very well. You’re kind of missing it.”

It’s not what he means to do. But it is the exact person who’s been enflamed by this system. And really, dare I say, screwed over by how things have been.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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