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Michelle Malkin Defends Sarah Palin From Karl Rove, Tucker Carlson, and ‘Lib Pantywaists’

Conservative lightning rod Michelle Malkin took to the Twitter Tuesday morning to lash out at fellow conservatives Karl Rove and Tucker Carlson over their “misogynist mockery” of Sarah Palin, and to throw in a jab at “lib pantywaists” for good measure. After consulting my 1930s dictionary, I was properly offended, but Malkin’s tirade seems to have had at least some effect, extracting a Charlie Sheen-blaming apology from Carlson. At the risk of jeopardizing my status as Malkin’s favorite liberal, isn’t there a word for using feminine traits as insults?

Rove has apparently drawn Malkin’s ire with his latest attack on Palin’s “gravitas” in a New York Magazine interview:

When I bring up his statements about Palin during our interview, Rove says only that he wished he’d made his comments on Fox News instead—before going into a withering impersonation of Palin, recalling a scene from her TV show in which she’s fishing.

“Did you see that?” he says, adopting a high, sniveling Palin accent: “ ‘Holy crap! That fish hit my thigh! It hurts!’ ”

“How does that make us comfortable seeing her in the Oval Office?” he asks, disgusted. “You know—‘Holy crap, Putin said something ugly!’ ”

Carlson, meanwhile, tested the limits of his boyish charm with a much more on-the-nose tweet about Palin:

Palin’s popularity falling in Iowa, but maintains lead to become supreme commander of Milfistan

For the uninitiated, MILF is an acronym for “Mother I’d Like to F***,” and MILFistan is, presumably, where Carlson would like to set up The Daily Caller‘s first foreign bureau.

Malkin let loose with a flurry of tweets this morning, denouncing Rove and Carlson for being misogynistic, while lashing out at liberals for being…too much like girls?

Ok, what’s this about “MILFistan?!” Keep it in the locker room, boys.

Conserv women get enuf crap from lib pantywaists. Beltway boys (u ALL know who u are) should watch their mouths. #RESPECT

I am not down with @karlrove @tuckercarlson misogynist mockery of @sarahpalinusa. Sick of it.

Beltway Boyz in FRAT-i-stan: Try RESPECTING conservative DAUGHTERS,, WIVES, MOTHERS & GRANDMOTHERS on front lines.

Beltway Dems aren’t the only ones still in their Huggies pull-ups. GOP boyz tugging at conservative mom’s skirt.

Fellow right-wing moms, when our boys misbehave, we don’t coddle. We lay the smack down. #MILFistan

Aside from the simultaneously humorous and offensive use of the term “pantywaist,” Malkin doesn’t seem to grasp the irony that she’s essentially mocking her own calls for sensitivity. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the same sort of thing the right mocks as “political correctness” when we do it?

Carlson responded by deleting his offending tweet, and offering this topical apology:

Apparently Charlie Sheen got control of my Twitter account last night while I was at dinner. Apologies for his behavior.

In the final analysis, I find myself largely in agreement with Malkin that gender-based insults have no place in political discourse, or elsewhere. I would go a step further and suggest that pointing this out does not make you a “pantywaist,” or any other term from the Bowery Boys Glossary of Slang.

Update: Carlson is, apparently, still on the hook, as Michelle points out the feather-lightness of his apology:

@kill_truck @KatMcKinley He did NOT apologize. He turned it into a lame Charlie Sheen joke.

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