Mika Brzezinski on Paul Ryan Seemingly Selling Out For Trump: ‘This Is So Sad’


Today on MSNBC’s Morning JoeMika Brzezinski criticized Paul Ryan for ultimately deciding to support Donald Trump, She expressed disappointment because she believed he was principled and was a beacon of hope for the GOP’s future. Beyond that, she was frustrated that she has still seen nothing from Trump that would indicate he has any plans for what to do if he gets into the White House, nor has she seen any indications that he would keep a single promise.

“Tell me what it was [that got you to support him], Paul Ryan,” she said. “Because you just sold out.”

Mark Halperin was there to say that as Speaker of the House, Ryan didn’t really have much of a choice in endorsing Trump, especially when the only other option is Hillary Clinton, who would absolutely not further any of Ryan’s ideals, let alone those of the Republican party.

“It’s pathetic,” she said. “He sold out. I’m sorry. He did have a choice and he made one that was weak.”

Brzezinski then called up Luke Russert to find out if there could be anything she was missing in Ryan’s decision to endorse the mogul. He backed up Halperin, telling her that Ryan simply had no choice since he plans to unveil the House GOP agenda next week. Ryan, he assumed, felt a need to get in with Trump before laying out the the agenda so that, if elected, the golf course owner would be supportive of it.

What a tangled little web!

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