comScore Mike Huckabee Rips His 1-Year-Old Grandson to Own the Libs

Mike Huckabee Mocks His 1-Year-Old Grandson to Own the Libs

Just when you thought the “to own the libs” meme couldn’t get more out of hand, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee mocked his one-year-old grandson today by suggesting he is lazy and might be “a Democrat.”

“I’m worried. My 1 yr old grandson is at my house. He does nothing for himself, pays for nothing, cries when he doesn’t get his way, throws tantrums, and wears diapers that I have to change,” tweeted Huckabee on Friday. “I’m afraid this kid is a Democrat! Hope he outgrows it.”

While Huckabee is known for his nonsensical, cringe-inducing dad humor, his jokes just haven’t been landing recently.

Just last week, he was slammed for posting a racist tweet tying MS-13 gang members to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, since Democrats are attempting to unite hispanic migrant families separated by government officials at the US-Mexico border. While he claimed the tweet was just “satire,” pundits from both sides of the aisle tore into the former GOP presidential candidate for stirring up racially charged rhetoric.

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