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Monkey Steals Man’s Video Camera, Takes Monkey Selfie

So let’s see: we have funeral selfies, Geraldo selfies, president selfies, suicide selfies, and now monkey selfies.

During a trip to the Uluwatu Temple in Bali, a man set his GoPro camera down to film himself feeding monkeys. One of them went all Animal Farm and decided he’d rather take than be fed, and made off with the still recording camera. The monkey played with (and possibly tried to eat?) the camera, eventually removing the battery before a bypasser was able to get it away from the primate with a fruit offering. The whole thing was filmed, including the monkey’s quizzical expression into the lens.

“I lost the battery but got this awesome and unexpected video,” the man wrote on YouTube — with the zen of hindsight. At the moment he screamed, “No, monkey! That’s a f*cking $500 camera!”

[h/t the Blaze]

[Image via screengrab]

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