Newsflash: TSA Doing A Terrible Job Keeping Airports Safe, Gov’t Report Says

TSAlogoAs the summer vacation season kicks off, the U.S. Government has released a dispiriting report that blasts the TSA for failing to keep airports secure.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office reported the findings of its investigation on Tuesday and “identified over 2,500 security incidents in each of the past three years at the nation’s roughly 440 commercial airports. Those incidents ranged from people jumping fences to reach jets and passenger terminals to workers who forgot their security badges piggy-backing with a colleague through checkpoints,” according to the AP.

But perhaps the most confounding thing about the report is the fact that, due to the way the TSA logs these incidents, it’s not possible to analyze the data to diagnose the exact vulnerabilities in airports. The information simply isn’t stored that way.

That makes no sense to Rep. William Keating, D-Mass., one of the lawmakers who requested the study. To Keating, if TSA cannot spot trends and vulnerabilities, how can policy makers know how to allocate resources and change policies in the most effective ways.

“That information should all be system wide and available,” he said. “But it’s not there. And if it is there, it’s not in a form that’s useful to me as a congressman or to any official dealing with this.”

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