Now This: CNN Reports The Dangerous Pumpkin Shortage May Continue

Apparently there may not be enough pumpkins to make pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving. So reported CNN this afternoon in a brave break from all things Juan Williams and Midterms 2010. And it must be said, it is rather a relief, in this hyperbolic political cycle, that someone somewhere felt this was worthy news to whatever small slice of the population watches CNN at 3pm on a Sunday.

So! If there is no pumpkin pie on your Thanksgiving table next month, you will know why. Too much rain and a higher demand (though apparently things are looking up this year). Truth be told, I suspect this was partly an excuse for them to use a clip of Linus from Peanuts. Also, little known fact (or maybe well known if you are a baker?): the pumpkins you use for pies are not the same kind you use for carving jack-o-lanterns. This might be the most servicey thing CNN tells you today.

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