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NYC Tabloids Will Have A Paterson Scandal No Matter What!

New York was promised a government sex scandal, dammit, and we better well get one! At least if the New York City tabloids have anything to do with it. Apparently not satisfied with the news that the New York Times has only a sort of mediocre scandal to report in their much-gossiped about upcoming David Paterson profile, the tabloids have taken it upon themselves to stir up as much “chaos” as possible. Something which David Paterson is not terribly pleased about. Paterson tells the AP:

“For the last couple of weeks I have been the subject of what, even by Albany standards, has been a spate of outrageous rumors about me,” Paterson told the AP. He said the rumors had been stirred up by an as-yet unpublished New York Times investigation “that spawned a bunch of speculations that are so way out that it’s shocking,” he said. He said he now fears that all reporters are “stretching the bounds of journalism” in a race to get anyone to confirm a vicious rumor about him.

Call me crazy, but I would argue the cover of the New York Post has been “stretching the bounds of journalism” for quite some time now. Also, welcome to New York politics Gov. Paterson?

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