Orrin Hatch Responds in a Baffling Way – AGAIN – to Porter Allegations: ‘I Don’t Believe Them All’

For heaven’s sake, Orrin Hatch. Even your spokeswoman is trying to get you not to talk about Rob Porter anymore.

For what seems like the umpteenth time this week, the Utah Senator spoke about the domestic abuse allegations against Porter. He’s now on record as saying he doesn’t believe all of them.

At the beginning of the video (via ABC News Politics), someone can be heard saying: “The Senator has already made all of his statements about this, thank you,” and Hatch looks over at her like, “Hold my beer.”

“I’m somebody who believes in helping people … if he needs any help in the future, I’ll try to be there,” Hatch said. “He’s a good guy… I don’t understand what happened there.”

“I don’t believe… all [the allegations], but I think there’s enough there that you have to take it very seriously,” he added.

Watch above, via Twitter.

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