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Poll: Americans Want Nothing to Do with Ukraine Crisis

In a rare instance of crisis bipartisanship, lawmakers are largely in agreement over the necessity of intervening against Russia’s aggression in the Crimean peninsula, largely through sanctions on Russia and economic aid to Ukraine’s transition government (debate is ongoing over various forms of non-troop military aid).

So of course the United States public is in bipartisan agreement that we should avoid the situation altogether. A CBS News poll found Tuesday morning that 61% of respondents do not believe the U.S. is obligated to involve itself in the Ukrainian crisis, almost double the 32% who do.

Slightly more (65%) believe the U.S. should not send military aid, compared to only 26% who think it should. The opposition to military aid stretched across party lines, with slightly more Democrats and Independents opposing it.

The numbers are in line with previous public opposition to involvement in foreign conflict, especially the recent civil war in Syria.

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