POLL: Clinton Supporters, What Would You Need to See in the Emails Before You’d Stop Supporting Her?

imageedit_147_8975689236We know that the FBI has found nothing illegal in Hillary Clinton‘s emails not once but twice, and yet there are still those who cite “Hillary’s emails” as the reason they refuse to vote for the former Secretary of State as she attempts to become the first female President.

There are also those who never cared about the emails — not even when she was under investigation by the FBI and no one knew what, exactly, was in them. If you were among those people, you might be vindicated now, but we just have to ask…

Anyway, you know the deal. This isn’t a scientific poll. We’re just curious!

The final results for this poll — and all the others we’re taking — will be revealed live on the air during the Mediaite/LawNewz Election Night event. Tune in as we countdown to the closing of the polls in each state, as we keep and eye and ear on all the media projections by network to get you ready for the biggest night of them all. Coverage kicks off at 5 p.m. EST on the homepage of Mediaite with our founder Dan Abrams.

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