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PSY Is Still Performing At The White House, Despite Outrage Over Anti-American Song

Just when we all thought we finally found a piece of pop culture devoid of any political controversy, news broke that a few years ago, South Korean sensation PSY was a performer in a rather anti-American song during a 2004 protest concert. And as is the case in this country, no one cares about how controversial a singer is until they’ve been asked to perform at the White House. Then it’s all “OMGZ such a h8r!” Well, luckily for all those who were really looking forward to random invisible horse dancing at the White House Christmas party, this controversy will not keep PSY from performing after all.

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TNT, the network broadcasting Sunday’s Christmas event later this month, confirmed to NBC News that one instance of PSY being one of many performers who sang an anti-American protest song eight years ago would not keep him from participating in the Christmas special.

A protest briefly went live on the White House’s “We the People” page demanding that PSY not perform at the White House Christmas special, but it was pulled for violating the site’s terms and conditions.

For his part, PSY issued a statement earlier today profusely apologizing for the extremity of the anti-American rhetoric he was part of eight years ago.

Look, even if you’re still outraged about PSY going, just hold in your anger for a few days and come Christmas we’ll all get a GIF of President Obama doing the “Gangnam Style” dance. That alone would be worth it.

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