RNC Officials ‘Scrambling to Replace’ Signs That Point to ‘White Elevators’

Quick question!

Does this sign remind you of anything?

Maybe from, say, a history textbook or something?

Does it look like, oh, we don’t know… a Jim Crow-era “whites only” sign one might have seen at a movie theater or water fountain?

The organizers of the Republican National Convention think so, which is why the Daily News has reported that they are “scrambling to replace” the signs in question. It appears that there are other elevator banks labeled “blue” and “red,” so obviously the theme here was supposed to be one of patriotism, not white nationalism, and yet…

Sure, the RNC had less time than usual to decorate the Quicken Loans Arena since the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship, but you’d think at least one person on the team would have said, “Whoa, guys, maybe this isn’t such a great idea.”

Yeah, this doesn’t mesh with the accusations that presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is a huge racist or anything…

[image via screengrab]

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