Roger Stone: Congressmen Told Me Jeff Sessions is ‘Around the Bend,’ Might Be ‘Senile’


The continued assault on beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the right has a fresh talking point, courtesy of Roger Stone: he might be senile.

The “Nixon-era dirty trickster,” made some stunning claims about the attorney general’s mental health during an interview with Steve Malzberg on WMAL Radio Saturday night.

Malzberg first slammed Sessions — who as a senator was a darling of the hardline right, but has drawn the ire of Trump over his handling of the Russia investigation — asking if “someone has something on him.”

“I mean it might as well be Eric Holder as the attorney general,” Malzberg said.

Stone replied that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is the “de facto attorney general,” before making a jaw-dropping allegation:

“I think Jeff Sessions is either neutered or non compos mentis. He may in fact even be senile.”

Malzberg asked if those comments should be taken literally, and Stone responded in the affirmative.

“Members of congress who have met with me have told me that he’s around the bend, he makes little sense, that he seems befuddled, confused, bewildered. So yeah, something is not well, he needs to step down.”

Stone also said that Sessions is obsessed with regulating marijuana. “That’s all he cares about,” he said. “He’s maniacal about it, he talks about it day and night.”

Stone is currently on a press junket attempting to explain why he said he had met with Julian Assange of Wikileaks during the 2016 election — a claim that has him in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s crosshairs, but one he now denies. He told Malzberg that his legal fees are approaching $1 million.

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