Rush Limbaugh: If There Is A War On Women, Obama Is The Generalissimo


One of the big stories of the 2012 election so far has been the fight for women voters. Basically it’s the Sadie Hawkins Dance in Washington and all the candidates are trying to pick out their nicest suit. After the Democrats made huge gains with women by pushing the GOP’s seemingly antiquated views on female health, Mitt Romney’s camp fought back by taking an economic tact. The GOP front runner claimed that the country’s economic struggles were hitting females the hardest. Rush Limbaugh jumped on the claim, arguing that “If there is a war on women, it is happening and it is being directed from the White House with [President] Obama as the generalissimo.”

Romney’s campaign has been touting a statistic saying that 92.3% of the jobs lost since Obama took office have belonged to women. Limbaugh quoted this stat as well as a Politico post entitled “Romney camp’s claims about female job loss under Obama not so clear cut” which calls the figure “statistical sleight of hand.” Politico argues that the number of women losing their jobs is so high because the number of men who lost their jobs during George W. Bush’s last year (as the recession began) was exponentially higher. Limbaugh laughed this off as merely an example of the media’s “whitewashing.”

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Limbaugh then broadened his discussion of the economy beyond the gender line to America as a whole.

“Now, is America in decline? No. I don’t believe we’re in decline. I think we’re in shackles. It’s a fine point. There’s no question the economy’s trending down, but why? What Obama wants — folks, this is crucially important now. Look at the me. What Obama and the Democrats want you to believe is that we are in structural decline because of the failure of capitalism. We’re not. We are in decline because of Obamaism.”

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