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President Obama Misses Three-Pointers On Camera, RNC Licks Chops

During the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday morning, President Obama struggled to sink a three point basket basket, initially going a cold 0 for 3, with numerous brick shots. ABC News’ Jake Tapper reports “he missed seven shots before sinking his first.”

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“If you don’t think the RNC has already flagged this one, you’re crazy,” Politico media reporter Dylan Byers observed.

Communications director for the Republican National Committee Sean Spicer thanked Byers for the suggestion, tweeting, “Thanks for the heads up @DylanByers — yeah we flagged it.”

The Atlantic‘s Eric Randall envisioned an ominous attack ad made out of the footage, equating the missed shots to Obama’s performance in office.

“We can see them easily working as an accompanying image to a voice-over about “Obama’s failed policies” or something,” Randall imagined.

Will Obama’s missed shots become the new John Kerry windsurfing ad?

Watch Obama’s bad three-point shots below via Politico:

(h/t Politico)

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