Rush Limbaugh: The Democratic Party ‘Launched A War On Motherhood’


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh today weighed in on the controversy surrounding remarks made by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen who said on CNN on Wednesday that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s wife Ann Romney had “never worked a day in her life.” Limbaugh pounced on the remark and said that the Democratic party was waging a “war on motherhood.”

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“Now we find out that there is genuine hostility for women who do not work. Who only stay at home and raise their families,” said Limbaugh. “So the Obama administration has just effectively – whether they know it or not – launched a war on motherhood via Hilary Rosen on CNN last night.”

“How’s this going to play with all those precious independents,” asked Limbaugh. “Make no mistake, Hilary Rosen was hostile. She was hostile in her original comment and she was hostile as she ratcheted it up after the original comment.”

“Hilary Rosen’s complaint is that she [Ann Romney] doesn’t know what life is really like for real women, because she doesn’t have any economic problems,” Limbaugh said after playing a clip of Rosen’s comments on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. “These are the people, same people, folks you’ll remember, who hammered Sarah Palin for daring to go to work when she had a Downs Syndrome child. These are the same people who hammered Sarah Palin for daring to go to work when she had so many kids to raise. You couldn’t do both if you’re a Republican.”

“They’ve gone after the wrong woman here. Ann Romney is not disliked. Ann Romney is not unlikeable. Ann Romney isn’t controversial. Ann Romney is not telling anyone else how to live. Ann Romney knows full well what America is all about. Ann Romney’s a role model,” said Limbaugh.

“This is who these people are,” said Limbaugh. “They are not nice. They have no manners. In the basics of human existence – they are reprobates. They don’t understand politeness.”

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