Rush Limbaugh: ‘The Republicans Run the Show’ and Need to ‘Start Acting Like It’


Rush Limbaugh spoke today about the frustrations many feel about the great opportunity Republicans are “squandering” with them in control of the White House and both houses of Congress.

For many people, he said, it feels like the Democrats and the media runs things.

“Six months into a Republican administration,” Limbaugh noted, “after how many years of promises to, say, repeal Obamacare, and we’re not an inch closer to it in reality than we were before last year’s election? It’s not gonna get any better than this. The only way it could get better is if this Republican majority were populated by more conservatives and different ideological types.”

He brought up President Trump’s tweet questioning why his “beleaguered” Attorney General and investigators aren’t looking into Hillary Clinton and said this:

“What Trump is talking about here… Why aren’t these Republican committees, why aren’t these Republican investigators — why isn’t my attorney general — looking into Hillary Clinton’s crimes? If you’re gonna investigate what-all went on with Russia, how in the world do you leave the Democrats out of it? How do you leave Hillary Clinton out of it? The Republicans run the show! It’s time for the Republicans to start acting like it. Politics is what it is. The Republicans don’t appear to want to play the game.”

Frustration with Republicans has been bubbling on the right for a while now. Sean Hannity recently went on a tear over the GOP’s inability to get health care done.

Limbaugh himself has said Republicans are “roadblocking” Trump and that the D.C. establishment is carrying out a “silent coup” against him.

Listen above, via Daily Rushbo.

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