Rush Limbaugh’s Thoughts During Obama Speech: Debt Deal Is ‘Christmas In August’ For This ‘Jackass’

Rush Limbaugh warned his listeners “I’m going to throw up during this I know I am.” “This” turned out to be watching President Obama’s speech on deficit reduction, but Rush didn’t merely just listen to it. Like a rowdy audience member in a movie theater, Rush couldn’t resist the urge to yell at the screen whenever he heard things he didn’t like. And you would be safe to assume Rush felt compelled to interrupt often.

From humorously random observations (“extra flour in [Obama’s] hair today, it’s grayer”) to blurting out his instantaneous frustration with various aspects of the speech, Rush kept his commentary quick and entertaining. If hearing Rush yell out “wrong,” “what steps,” “you don’t know a thing about it” or “screw everything up” during various moments is not entertaining enough for you, then maybe this “exchange” might be appealing:

Obama: People across the country are asking . . . what are we going to do for the single mom who has seen her hours cut back at the hospital?
OBama: What are we going to do to make it easier for businesses to put out that “now hiring” sign?

When the subject switched to potential tax increases, Rush warned “here we go . . . bye, bye America” and also loudly said under his breath “Jackass” (and it’s not the first time Obama received the designation from Rush). Ultimately, as Obama again stressed the need for infrastructure jobs and additional revenues, Rush concluded this whole “debt deal” was really just an attempt by Obama to open everyone up for the possibility of a second stimulus package. As a result, a disgusted Rush concluded this is like “Christmas in August for Obama, that is what he got.”

Listen to clip from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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