Trump Adviser Says Trump Needs To Concede If He Loses ‘To Bring America Back Together’

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-6-17-24-pmTowards the end of a typically combative interview, Trump adviser and special counsel Michael Cohen told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he feels that whoever loses this election next month needs to concede. That would include Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Following up a conversation where Cohen defended Trump’s comments about a rigged election, stating that the real estate mogul is correct about media bias and voter fraud, the lawyer noted that it was important that Trump congratulate the winner if he loses.

“I think whoever loses, the concession speech is extremely important,” Cohen told Blitzer. “I think as a country we’re very fractured.”

Cohen then stated that regardless of who you support, you shouldn’t need to worry about being assaulted for wearing a Make America Great Again or I’m With Her shirt. He also brought up the naked Hillary Clinton statue in New York that caused a commotion, saying it is “disrespectful.”

He ended the interview by saying the “the concession speech is something that will help to bring america back together as a people, because, you know, we’re much better than that as a country, and we’re much better than that as a people.”

Of course, Cohen is now most known as the “Says who?” guy who doubted that all of the polls showed Trump down in August.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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