Scarborough Mocks Trump, Says Obama Controlling White House With ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’


On Monday, the set or Morning Joe took an early and lengthy detour into a galaxy far, far away. Opening up the show, co-host Joe Scarborough mused that Donald Trump was increasingly doing the bidding of master Jedi — Barack Obama.

“We got Star Wars fans here? Anybody Star Wars fans here?” he asked. “You didn’t know exactly where Barack Obama went. But if you saw, he went to the island where Luke went, and he has come back with these extraordinary Jedi mind tricks.”

Ok — maybe.

The idea elicited some sort of sound of approval from show regular John Heilemann.

Scarborough elaborated.

“Barack Obama comes back and says the Russians meddled with our elections and [Trump] writes a tweet. The Russians meddled with our elections. And he says your health care is mean. My health care plan is mean!”

In both cases, Scarborough used the Obi Wan hand gesture move to indicate the supposed Jedi powers.

“Mmm. Obama. Strong the force is with his family,” he added in his best Yoda voice.

Journalist Elise Jordan, who appeared quickest on the uptake, jumped in.

“He just forces the president to say things about this health care bill that could really hurt it politically,” she said. “That’s something that President Obama. He really has power.”

Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude then made an ill-timed confession. “I’m not a Star Wars guy.”

“Well you should be” Scarborough snapped.

“Is it the case that the force works depending on the intelligence level?” he asked — a curiously cutting question for someone who only moments earlier professed he wasn’t into the franchise.

“Yes it does. It does. For good or for evil. I mean, the force worked of course as we all know on Jabba’s guards, but not on Jabba himself.” said Joe “The Hut was impervious to Jedi mind tricks. But not this Trump fella.”

Watch above.

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