Scarborough Rips Tucker Carlson For Declaring ‘War’ on Media: Fox News Has ‘Swallowed the President’s Lies’


On Wednesday, former Fox News pundit Bob Beckel asked former colleague Tucker CarlsonWhat the f*ck has happened to you.” Thursday, Joe Scarborough — in a manner not quite as confrontational as Beckel — appeared to pose the very same question.

“There was a guy that I’ve known — and a lot of us have known and liked for a very long time — actually a couple nights ago saying we are at war,” a wistful Scarborough said Thursday on Morning Joe.

“Oh my God,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said.

“And saying…Fox News is the only network you can trust,” Scarborough said. “Everybody else is lying. And we are at war. I will let people draw whatever conclusions they want.”

Scarborough did not name Carlson. But lest there be any doubt, note this Tweet Wednesday from the Fox News 8 p.m. anchor — which has garnered a great deal of attention:

Carlson also had a widely criticized segment last week in which he told viewers not to trust any network other than Fox News, because they’re all “lying.”

Later in the Morning Joe segment, Scarborough expanded his critique to the rest of the network over their coverage of the child separation crisis — while making sure to commend the network’s news division.

Does Fox News — are they more interested in whipping up frenzy, whipping up cultural war, saying we are at war, you can only believe us, everybody else is lying. When so many of you guys have swallowed the president’s lies whole. I’m just curious, are you interested in finding out where these 2,300 children are? I know Shep [Smith] is, my God. I know Shep is…I know Bret Baier is. Some things Judge Napolitano said. I know there a lot of good, good people at Fox. I’ve got a lot of friends over at Fox. I’m just wondering, though, what is the end game here?

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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