Seb Gorka: We Can Pressure China With ‘The President’s Twitter Feed’


President Trump‘s Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka went on Fox News Thursday with Bill Hemmer to tell him that the president plans to deal with foreign relations via social media. Yes, he believes his Twitter feed will fix the problem of North Korea.

Hemmer started his interview with Gorka by reading an excerpt from a Chinese newspaper that said, in regards to North Korea, that “Trump is wrong in his assumption that Beijing can single-handedly handle the matter.” Hemmer asked Gorka what “card” does he have left to get China to act, which led Gorka on his rant.

“We have the president’s Twitter feed. We have the most powerful man in the world making it very clear that we came out of the Mar-a-Largo summit with very high hopes….The president has made it clear, he is not satisfied. He is disappointed with what Bejing has done since Mar-A-Largo and he wishes to see them step up to the plate.”

Hemmer noticed the flaw in Gorka’s response and asked what everyone was thinking, “Can a Twitter feed change the minds of those leading China?”

“If you can win a U.S. election with it, I think it’s pretty powerful,” Gorka responded.

This is not the first time Gorka has raised a few eyebrows. Most recently, he went on Fox and called North Korea  “a lilliputian flea.” Before that he defended Trump’s transgender policy by saying “the military is not a microcosm of civilian society…They are there to kill people and blow stuff up.” And while he usually is on Fox News, he recently went on CNN to tell them that “more people watch Nick at Night cartoons than CNN today.”

The president has already started his plan to motivate China to act via Twitter, here are just some of the fearsome examples.

Unfortunately most ordinary Chinese won’t be seeing any of this, since the social media site is currently blocked behind the country’s Great Firewall.


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