Seb Gorka Gets Literary: North Korea ‘Is a Lilliputian Flea’

On Monday, President Donald Trump made a vague but blunt statement on North Korea, following the country’s latest missile test.

“We’ll handle North Korea,” Trump said. “We’ll be able to handle it.”

On Tuesday, Trump’s deputy assistant, Sebastian Gorka, offered similarly vague but even tougher talk on North Korea. Appearing on Varney & Co., Gorka — whose heated cable news spots have garnered much attention (and reportedly earned him praise from the Commander-in-Chief) — this time turned his fire not on the media, but on a regime which is quickly evolving into a major test for the Trump administration.

And Trump, Gorka says, will not blink.

“This is blatant blackmail,” Gorka said. “Blackmail of the western community. We don’t give into blackmail. This president is not to give into blackmail.

Still, Gorka downplayed the threat, saying that North Korea is just not equipped for a war against the United States.

“We would like people to understand, this is a lilliputian flea,” Gorka said, channeling the classic Gulliver’s Travels  “North Korea is a stalinist regime, but it can’t even feed its own people. We are United States of America. We’re not a superpower, but a hyper power.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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