Seth Meyers To Headline 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner

After a year of unlikely TLC celebrities, Tea Party rallies, and White House ‘compromises’ souring the once star-struck media, there should be a lot to skewer for whomever headlines next year’s White House Correspondents Dinner. Fortunately for us, Seth Meyers, host of SNL‘s “Weekend Update” segment, will be doing the job in 2011.

As Politico notes, Meyers is no stranger to ceremonies. He’s hosted the Webby Awards twice, and his performance as the host of this year’s ESPY Awards was so good that critics urged producers of the Academy Awards to take note.

And while the comedian probably won’t be as caustic as Stephen Colbert was during his infamous turn at the mic, he’ll likely still hold the media’s feet to the fire. “The secret, it seems,” writes Poltico’s Patrick Gavin, “is to fall somewhere in between the two extremes in order to please the picky crowd.” One can only hope he brings Amy Poehler onstage for a surprise installment of “Really!?! With Seth and Amy.”

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