Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Pamela Anderson Actually Agree on Something

Notorious Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio had been criticized for a while by liberals for violating the civil rights of Latinos (and was found guilty of such) and for some birther comments he made about President Obama.

Which is why this next part might strike you as a little odd: PETA is now praising Arpaio. And as a public show of that, none other than PETA spokeswoman Pamela Anderson herself is meeting with Arpaio in Maricopa County Jail today.

All this may lead you to ask the obvious question: Why?

Well, it turns out Arpaio instituted a no-meat meal policy at the prison because of how much it could save taxpayers. And PETA couldn’t be happier about it:

“When we heard about the vegetarian jail in Maricopa County, that’s 8,300 people a day not eating meat and it’s a wonderful example for other jails around the country that could have health impacts on the inmates as well as saving taxes.”

Arpaio touts that the meatless meals will cut $200,000 a year.

So Sheriff Joe and PETA are standing together on something. Take a moment to think about that one.

[image via screengrab, August Fairchild/Shutterstock]

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