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Sometimes a Nipple Is Just a Link Bait

huffpocelebskinArianna Huffington had this to say to Howie Kurtz about Amanda Hess‘ much-remarked upon Washington City Paper piece regarding HuffPo’s proclivity for promoting celebrity flesh. Per Kurt’s article in today’s Post:

Huffington dismisses this argument by e-mail, calling it “silly and highly limiting to assume that all progressives can’t wait to get to the orgy and all conservatives have a chastity belt in their drawer. . . . As the Washington City Paper’s blogger herself points out, we have a wide range of news and opinion on all our sections — including our Entertainment section.

“Looking for hidden political agendas in every article and every photo on HuffPost will lead to some very convoluted conclusions. As Freud said, ‘Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’ — and a nipple slip is just a nipple slip.”

For those of you who don’t want to waste your time digging around for errant nipple slip, HuffPo in all its non-politically motivated glory, has an entire page devoted the subject. Get your bookmark bar ready, there is a lot more of Megan FoxCelebrity Skin‘ coming your way.

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