Deray McKesson Shuts Down Judge Jeanine Over BLM Protest: ‘Stop Lying’ (Updated)


Activist Deray McKesson shut down Judge Jeanine Pirro on Friday after the Fox News host accused him of “directing the violence” at a Baton Rouge protest held last year.

The protest was organized by Black Lives Matter in July 2016 in response to the death of Alton Sterling, a black man who was fatally shot by two police officers as they held him down on the ground.

McKesson and more than 100 other people were arrested during the protest, and most were charged with obstructing the road. McKesson was released 16 hours later.

One police officer then sued Black Lives Matter and McKesson, after he lost several teeth when a projectile thrown by a protestor struck him in the face — but a federal judge dismissed the suit on Thursday, ruling that Black Lives Matter, like the Tea Party, is a movement and therefore cannot be sued. The judge also determined that McKesson had nothing to do with any violence that broke out, writing in his judgment that the activist “solely engaged in protected speech.”

That ruling drew the outrage of Judge Jeanine, who appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning to accuse McKesson of “directing people, directing the violence.”

The Fox News host then decried the judge for claiming McKesson was “engaging in protected free speech” for the largely peaceful protest, before pointing out that the judge was an Obama appointee.

“What is wrong with this country today,” she said, before again accusing McKesson of directing violence towards the police officer (without providing any evidence, as far as I can tell.)

And McKesson has now responded to Pirro on Twitter, stating “I was found not guilty & I didn’t direct any violence. In fact, I was protesting the violence of the police. Stop lying.”

UPDATE: Pirro provided the following statement to Mediaite:

“Based on 32 years in law enforcement, you can only be found not guilty after a trial.  McKesson was not tried.  I was quoting paragraph 17 and 19 from court documents.”


Watch Pirro’s comments above, via Fox News.

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