The Hills Are (Finally) Alive With the Sound of New Media: Denton Goes to Aspen

nickdenton460A quick glance at our Twitter feed yesterday revealed that Gawker’s Nick Denton was a panelist at this year’s Apsen Institute Ideas Festival. It was a double glance actually — Nick Denton and the old guard Aspen Institute are not the likeliest of bedfellows. A Google and Twitter search proved us correct — turns out Denton is indeed at AIF09 and on a morning panel with Jason Calacancis and moderator Jeff Jarvis, no less. Topic? The death of media, naturally! (Official title: The Founding Fathers of Blogging Discuss the End of Media (at 7:45am, no less) Jason Calacanis, Nick Denton, Jeff Jarvis (moderator))


Has the bad boy of new media succumbed to the mainstream? Or is it the other way around? We suspect the latter. Despite his dire media forecasts of the last year Denton’s Gawker empire is thriving. Not only that, it has lately become one of the Influencers, meriting calls from a concerned NYT more than once in the last six months.

Anyone who has heard Denton on a panel knows he’s an interesting speaker (there were a lot of disappointed sighs at the Internet Week I Want Media panel when the anticipated showdown between Denton and WSJ‘s Robert Thomson failed to materialize) and nothing speaks louder than success. It’ll be interesting to see whether the current interest in Denton’s take is merely the quickly sinking MSM looking for a lifeboat or media’s prodigal son return home to rule the roost.

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