‘The Immaturity is Astounding’ GOP Rep. Walks Off Town Hall Stage As Constituents Rage

A local news story is proving that contentious GOP town halls aren’t slowing down.

Earlier this year, Americans started making major headlines with their confrontational behavior during their representatives’ town hall appearances. Elected officials responded by insisting that the attendees weren’t constituents. Some even suggested they were paid disruptors.

Following a very buzzworthy town hall in Arizona where Senator Jeff Flake got grilled by the people he represents, it was Republican congressman Doug LaMalfa‘s turn in California,

According to the local CBS affiliate, those in attendance were irate about his handling of local issues like the Oroville Dam and its associated problems. It got pretty rowdy. When LaMalfa demanded to know if they yell in church, the crowd hurled back, “Do you lie in church?”

During a tough presentation on healthcare, LaMalfa just walked off-stage. Though he returned, one attendee later told the affiliate that LaMalfa “had a closed mind” the whole time he was doing the town hall.

Some people took LaMalfa’s side, including 16-year-old Greyson Reynolds. “I think the immaturity is astounding,”  he said, speaking of the tough crowd.

They’d all do well to remember the words of former President Barack Obama: “Don’t boo; vote.”

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