The Young Turks’ Uygur Thinks Hannity Advising Trump is Proof They’re Building Media Company


The theory that Donald Trump is preparing for a defeat at the polls in November by planning to launch a media company is really picking up momentum.

The rumors started swirling earlier this summer. After a few op-eds came out about the idea last week, CNN tackled it this weekend. Now that Fox News’ Sean Hannity has revealed himself to be informally advising Trump, The Young Turks took it on, too:

Cenk Uygur mentioned in a broadcast that Hannity, Steve Bannon, and Roger Ailes, all of whom have been rumored — with varying levels of confirmation — are big in conservative media. That, then, could mean that Trump really is gearing up to launch a media company and bring all of his followers and voters along with him.

“He’s gathered together here a little bit of a posse of conservative media,” Uygur explained. “Now, part of the reason — people think — for that is at least [the] possibility that afterwards, they’re going to start their own media company and they view this as just a money-making exercise. ‘Let’s gather up as large an audience as we can. Even if we lose, even if we get blown out, who cares? If you’ve got 40% of the country on your side and you can monetize that through the media, well, we’ll be in great shape.'”

Trump may well be going the route of Sarah Palin, who launched a short-lived subscription service for videos of her talking last year.

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