Trevor Noah Got a Hold of Trump’s Inauguration Cake and Is Open to Suggestions About Its Fate


Somehow, it seems Trevor Noah has gotten his hands on the actual cake that caused a stir at one of President Donald Trump‘s Inauguration events. It’s kind of hard to believe that it’s the actual cake- the Daily Show host acknowledged that it doesn’t seem possible, but if you look, it actually shows where Trump and Mike Pence cut into it on the night. What’s less hard to believe is that the “cake” is actually not cake at all. It’s mostly styrofoam, which, Noah says, like the current administration, is “terrible for the environment.”

Now, Noah needs your help in deciding what to do with these layers of styrofoam. He’s not willing to do anything truly outrageous to it, but he’s taking suggestions via Twitter, using the hashtag #TrumpCake. Here’s what people have come up with:

[featured image via screen grab]


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