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Trump ‘Congratulates’ Will Smith On Slapping Guy, Calls For Someone To ‘Whack’ Sacha Baron Cohen

The bad news is, the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice is over, stealing away America’s weekly rations of Donald Trump. The good news is, this apparently gives Donald Trump more time to make videos where he yells into his laptop about whatever he feels like yelling about that day. Today that thing is Will Smith slapping a guy for trying to kiss him– or, more specifically, why someone needs to smack around Sacha Baron Cohen until he stops making all those movies.

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“Will Smith is a really great guy, and I love what he did to that wiseguy who tried to kiss him– I think on the lips!” a scandalized Donald Trump lauded, suggesting that “other people should do that.” “I look at this wacko Sacha Baron Cohen, who’s got no talent whatsoever, going around doing all sorts of things and really abusing people,” Trump condemned,” suggesting that if someone would “whack” Cohen, ‘he’ll never do it again.” (For those wondering: yes, Trump has first-hand experience with Cohen’s “abuse“).

But back to Smith. “I congratulate you,” Trump lauded, “I only wish you’d hit him harder.” He then seamlessly transitioned into talking about Celebrity Apprentice, which he was more than happy about.

The video below:

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